Advanced Tactics C.A.R System | EXCLUSIVE 2 DAY COURSE | OCTOBER 4 & 5

Advanced Tactics C.A.R System | EXCLUSIVE 2 DAY COURSE | OCTOBER 4 & 5

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Led by World Class guest instructor Jeff Jonsgaard, Founder and Chief Instructor at Natural Tactical Systems. 



Day 1 | The Science of Optimal Self Defense Pistol
Take your pistol self-defense to the next level with a course unlike any you’ve ever experienced before. Special guest instructor Jeff Johnsgaard utilizes the tested, tried, and true foundations of renowned reality-based training instructor, Kenneth Murray to guide students to discover, sharpen, and better retain the most critical aspects of their techniques. On Day 1 you will discover and learn how to better train yourself and others to a better, much higher degree. 

Day 2 | Intro to 360° CQD Vehicle Anti-Ambush 
Consists of learning the foundational and functional techniques of 360 CQD. Foundations of this highly sought after technique was originally developed by Mr.
Paul Castle, creator of the Center Axis Relock (CAR) technique, which became wildly popular after being used in the “John Wick” Movies. World renowned instructor, Jeff Johnsgaard, was heir to the CAR technique after Mr. Castle’s unfortunate early passing
and has honored his memory by perfecting and building upon his legacy. Students will both learn and perform these highly sought after techniques and apply them in
practical application on the range.

Cost | $600 for both days. $300 if you can only make one day.

Ammo | The range has ammo in stock. Bring your own ammo or buy at the range. Recommended min 200 rounds per day.

You can also call or text Daniel to learn how to reserve your spot. 951-809-1713

About Jeff

Jeff Johnsgaard is a Canadian police officer in his 18th year and currently a Detective
Sergeant. He is a trainer for his agency and the police college, a Nationally Certified Instructor under IADLEST, certified by Force Science® as an Advanced Specialist, is the
Canadian Director for the Reality-Based Training Association, and trains decision-making and use of force internationally with his company Natural Tactical and consults with several others. Jeff is also published with IALEFI, ILEETA, Calibre Press and Blue Line Magazines.