5. Night Vision Experience
5. Night Vision Experience

5. Night Vision Experience

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We typically run our live fire shooting course back-to-back, which means day shooting, followed by a night shooting class, followed by a more challenging progressive day class (Saturday-Sunday). You can come to just one of our classes that weekend or participate in all three. Meals and drinks are included!


First-ever civilian night vision class! Don’t miss out! You will shoot with NVG’s and IR lasers at night.

Are you interested in learning about night vision and IR lasers? Look no further! Our night vision experience lesson is a must if you are looking to expand your knowledge and ability. If you have your own equipment, you can bring it and use it. We’ll give you a deep dive on it and get some training in on your equipment. If you don’t have your own equipment don’t worry, we bring night vision goggles already mounted on helmets for you to use. We also have IR lasers we can mount on your rifle, or you can rent equipment ready with IR lasers. This is also a great class if you want to buy NVG’s but are not sure what to buy or look for. There are a lot of options out there; we will guide you on what to buy and how to set it up.


In this class, you will learn:

  • Principles of NVG’s, mounting, setup, and operations

  • Principles of NVG warfare

  • Advantages and disadvantages of monocular vs binocular

  • NVG tactical shooting drills

  • NVG moving and shooting drills

Ammo: 200 rounds. Bring your own or buy 9mm from us for training at $20 per box of 50 rounds.

When? 8 am sharp at a designated meet point in Yucca Valley. The address will be shared after purchase. We will shuttle you 30 minutes to our site. We intend to have you back to your cars at 3:30 pm. If you are participating in the evening class, you can stay on-site with us.

Where? This is rough terrain, off the grid. We will have an RV for facilities. We will shuttle you to our site or if you have a truck or SUV you can meet us there if you prefer. Contact our duty iPhone for a pin drop after purchase.

***Lunch, drinks, and snacks are provided! We normally get a mass order of sandwiches from Costco. If you have dietary restrictions, please feel free to pack a lunch. ***

If you are participating in the next course and want to stay overnight, nearby hotels are cheap, or you can camp with us, bring or borrow a tent from us, or upgrade to the RV that we bring out.

When you register you will also get:

  • Receive Dan's personal number.
  • Be added to a private group chat.
  • Receive discounted prices for Neoteric Arms Holsters.

Still have a specific question? Book a free 10-minute consult with Dan or text Dan's duty iPhone @909-202-2678.