1. Pistol Mastery
1. Pistol Mastery
1. Pistol Mastery
1. Pistol Mastery
1. Pistol Mastery

1. Pistol Mastery

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We typically run our live fire shooting course back-to-back, which means day shooting, followed by a night shooting class, followed by a more challenging progressive day class (Saturday-Sunday). You can come to just one of our classes that weekend or participate in all three. Meals and drinks are included!

Welcome to Pistol Mastery—an integral program at the forefront of pistol fighting education. Whether you're a novice or have never undergone formal training, this course is tailored to empower you with the mastery of your pistol within a single day—an achievement we excel in.

Serving as the cornerstone of Neoteric handgun training, our curriculum is strategically crafted to instill tactical fundamentals and cultivate a resilient fighting mindset. This foundation is paramount for the development of your advanced shooting skills.

Training includes:

  • use-of-force doctrine, fundamentals of shot placement

  • handgun system

  • shooting paper and steel

  • combat marksmanship principles

  • handgun presentations (from open carry and concealment)

  • combative gun-handling skills

  • emergency & tactical reloads, malfunction clearance techniques

  • close-range gunfighting, live fire skill-building exercises

  • shooting and moving

  • multiple target engagements


Designed to prep students for expert pistol, night shooting, and C.A.R. System.


This isn't a conventional lecture-style class. Our hands-on approach ensures active engagement as you handle your own pistol or a rental, utilizing your holster or one provided, honing your skills throughout the day. No mundane lectures here—your learning experience revolves around direct, practical application. This is not all static shooting; you will learn how to shoot and move, and engage multiple targets, steel and paper.

 We understand the value of your time and financial investment. Hence, we've developed a proven system to transform even the most inexperienced shooter into a safe, competent, and accurate individual by the end of the day. Your journey toward mastery begins now!

Ammo: 200 rounds. Bring your own or buy 9mm from us for training at $20 per box of 50 rounds.

When? 8 am sharp at a designated meet point in Yucca Valley. The address will be shared after purchase. We will shuttle you 30 minutes to our site. We intend to have you back to your cars at 3:30 pm. If you are participating in the evening class, you can stay on-site with us.

Where? This is rough terrain, off the grid. We will have an RV for facilities. We will shuttle you to our site or if you have a truck or SUV you can meet us there if you prefer. Contact our duty iPhone for a pin drop after purchase.

***Lunch, drinks, and snacks are provided! We normally get a mass order of sandwiches from Costco. If you have dietary restrictions, please feel free to pack a lunch. ***

If you are participating in the next course and want to stay overnight, nearby hotels are cheap, or you can camp with us, bring or borrow a tent from us, or upgrade to the RV that we bring out.

When you register you will also get:

  • Receive Dan's personal number.
  • Be added to a private group chat.
  • Receive discounted prices for Neoteric Arms Holsters.

Still have a specific question? Book a free 10-minute consult with Dan or text Dan's duty iPhone @909-202-2678.