IWB Appendix holster with extra magazine holster

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IWB (concealed) Hercules w/ Side mag

Our popular best seller!

~Note, this holster is designed to sit higher off your belt as seen in the pictures, there is minor printing/bulging, however there is an anti print wing which helps. The anti print wing can be placed on the top to print less if desired. The clips do have 5 holes to lower the holster if you want. But this is not a deep concealment holster, this holster is designed for speed and comfort. Seriously, long drives comfortable. Most of our staff have been concealed caring for more then 10 years, and conceal decent size guns, like the Glock 19, or 17. In our experience, no one has done a double take on our waste band, even if we are caring a bigger gun, everyone is too busy managing their own lives.

It is angled to contour with your body. However, there are three things unique about our side mag. First it is modular and can be taken off or put back on, Second, it’s designed with a unique piece of Kydex at the proper thickness which allows the magazine holder to bend independently for comfort. Lastly it is the most comfortable because it leaves the smallest footprint in your pants, there is no unnecessary dead space of Kydex. It is trimmed as tight as possible with the side mag for extreme comfort. It will easily become your everyday carry.
The Hercules Rig is designed for extreme comfort, speed, and consistency for the serious carry. Two sturdy clips lock this holster in the same spot preventing it from canting throughout your day. The Anti print wing keeps the gun close to your body to print less, less “bulging through your shirt”. Optic compatible, suppressor sights compatible. It is flared for effortless re-holstering. The clips are carefully placed to allow a 1.5-inch space between your belt and your pistol grip for an effortless, consistent strong grab. Because the gun sits higher off your belt it doesn’t pinch you if you were to sit down, tie a shoe, or go for a long drive. Although it is designed for appendix carry this holster can also be used around your hip or small of your back. It has 5-hole options to adjust the angle. This could be used with just one belt loop if desired. This holster is neatly trimmed around the gun. We understand when caring IWB less is more. This holster is also designed to be tuckable for formal occasions. All our holster has a life time guarante


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