IWB (concealed) Hercules w/ Side mag

///IWB (concealed) Hercules w/ Side mag

IWB (concealed) Hercules w/ Side mag


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IWB Appendix holster with extra magazine holster

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CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: We are a veteran business in the USA.

In the package you’ll receive a thank you letter with a business cell phone number you can call or text for questions about your holster. Free returns up up to 60 days, and lifetime free hardware if you ever lose a screw or rubber washer, just ask, oh the holster is also lifetime guaranteed! We have amazing customer service!

Our popular best seller!
It is angled to contour with your body. However, there are three things unique about our side mag. First it is modular and can be taken off or put back on, Second, it’s designed with a unique piece of Kydex at the proper thickness which allows the magazine holder to bend independently for comfort. Lastly it is the most comfortable because it leaves the smallest footprint in your pants, there is no unnecessary dead space of Kydex. It is trimmed as tight as possible with the side mag for extreme comfort. It will easily become your everyday carry.
The Hercules Rig is designed for extreme comfort, speed, and consistency for the serious carry. Two sturdy clips lock this holster in the same spot preventing it from canting throughout your day. The Anti print wing keeps the gun close to your body to print less, less “bulging through your shirt”. Optic compatible, suppressor sights compatible. It is flared for effortless re-holstering. The clips are carefully placed to allow a 1.5-inch space between your belt and your pistol grip for an effortless, consistent strong grab. Because the gun sits higher off your belt it doesn’t pinch you if you were to sit down, tie a shoe, or go for a long drive. Although it is designed for appendix carry this holster can also be used around your hip or small of your back. It has 5-hole options to adjust the angle. This could be used with just one belt loop if desired. This holster is neatly trimmed around the gun. We understand when caring IWB less is more. This holster is also designed to be tuckable for formal occasions. All our holster has a life time guarante

9 reviews for IWB (concealed) Hercules w/ Side mag

  1. Justin

    I have been carrying my Glock 30 at my six for a while now and I do alot of driving. I find myself needing to unholster my weapon due to the discomfort of having the butt of my gun digging into my spine. Also when I am in crowded areas it is extremely uncomfortable having my weapon behind me as I’m constantly worried someone will try to disarm me. Recently a co worker was using the Hercules appendix holster while we were driving and he was perfectly comfortable while I had placed my firearm in the center console. I immediately placed an order for one and it arrived today! Even when sitting down there is no pinching or discomfort whatsoever. Also having my weapon in front of me makes me feel much more comfortable as well as a much quicker draw. I am confident in saying this holster has changed the way I carry forever.

  2. Elijah Hamilton

    This was the first IWB holster that I have ever had, as a new gun owner I wanted to ensure that I was getting something that was going to be comfortable as a bigger guy. Being that I am a big guy I have a belly that gets in the way of appendix carry (not for long though), so I have to carry at 4 o’clock if I am carrying in jeans or pants with no resistance. This holster is very versatile because I now carry a 17 round mag in my Glock 17 so I no longer need the side mag, but even the side mag portion is very comfortable, a lot of the times I don’t even notice its there. I had some hesitations with going with neoteric arms, it being a newer company, it didn’t have a whole lot of reputation in the holster world, so I took a risk and I am glad I did because I love this holster. Thinking about getting his new QLS system, Daniel is great, very good customer service, I pretty much use this holster everyday and never have any issues, very easy to use the retention screws, the clips are very strong, won’t fit on my under belt for my safe life defense belt but on any normal 1.5 belt it will be perfect. At this point I can’t see myself buying another IWB for a very long time, and if the OWB or QLS range systems are just as good, I might send my Safariland holster to goodwill.

  3. Josh

    I’m a smaller and more slender guy. The way the Hercules holster w/a side magazine contours to me is awesome! Whether I’m driving or walking around in public I’m comfortable and confident that I’m not printing. I also had the custom “Thin Blue Line” applied to mine, just to show support for our guys in blue!

  4. Shane

    I have always carried appendix for work and off duty. I always assumed that You had to deal with the uncomfortableness while sitting if you were going to carry appendix. This is not true with the Hercules!!! The way the weapon sits feels extremely natural and is very comfortable. I come from Montana where a normal weekend drive is an average hour and a half one way. There is times I forget I even have my EDC on me while I am driving with the Hercules!

    Another thing I love about this design is how easy it is to re-holster. Majority of my EWB holsters require two hands to re-holster my weapon, but Not with the Hercules!!

    I recommend going with a custom pattern my white flag on Khaki turned out amazing!

    I have recommended this holster to everyone I know!

  5. Tom Rhay

    I really enjoy my P80 builds but noone makes a good AIWB holster for them. Or if they do it takes 8-12 weeks to get. After waiting all that time you come to find out the kydex is to thick and there’s no give. Or, it sits to low on your waist. Or, the entire apparatus is way to big or doesn’t flex.

    The Hercules does everything I want or need it to! It sits nice and high, the holster fits the P80 perfectly w/o being to big, the side mag sits at the right angle, the lighter kydex is able to flex and move with my body and I didn’t have to wait 2 months to get it!

  6. Steven

    Been running my Hercules for several weeks now. Great holster!!! Retains well and is super comfortable. Wear it all day and hardly notice it. Well made product and I will be buying another for my G19.
    Thanks guys!

  7. Shelby warner

    Let’s start off by saying, these guys are phenomenal! I’ve been carrying the Hercules with the side mag every day. Keep in mind I’m a small framed guy carrying a glock19. For starters. No printing what so ever. I’ve carried tons and tons of holsters. All of them have had a flaw. I’ve had holsters I liked and some I just through in a drawer and didn’t touch again. This Hercules isn’t one of them I will continue to carry neoteric arms. I’ve carried it in my every day life from gym. To running heavy equipment in my job. Almost forget it’s there. I won’t continue to carry neoteric only because of the quality products. But also because of the quality guys behind the business. I would recommend these guys to anyone from a new concealed carrier to an extremely seasoned carrier. These guys know how to get it done when it comes to holsters hoping I get to work with you guys more!

  8. John Bunch

    I only have one other holster. It’s an OWB holster that I normally carry at the 3:00 position but wanted to try appendix. Wanted something with spare mag carrier and minimum materials and your holster was exactly that. Very comfortable. Will recommend it to everyone I know that carries.

  9. Mel Reist

    This is my first appendix carry holster and it will be my last. The fit is great. Stays put and is comfortable for all day carry. If I ever change pistols, I will for sure order another Hercules holster. Great job guys for making a great product. Daniel was quick to answer my question and product was shipped quickly.

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