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IWB Appendix holster, concealed, tuckable.

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In the package you’ll receive a thank you letter with a business cell phone number you can call or text for questions about your holster. Free returns up up to 60 days, and lifetime free hardware if you ever lose a screw or rubber washer, just ask, oh the holster is also lifetime guaranteed! We have amazing customer service!


The Hercules Rig is designed for extreme comfort, speed, and consistency for the serious carry. Two sturdy clips lock this holster in the same spot preventing it from canting throughout your day. The Anti print wing keeps the gun close to your body to print less, less “bulging through your shirt”. Optic compatible, suppressor sights compatible. It is flared for effortless re-holstering. The clips are carefully placed to allow a 1.5-inch space between your belt and your pistol grip for an effortless, consistent strong grab. Because the gun sits higher off your belt it doesn’t pinch you if you were to sit down, tie a shoe, or go for a long drive. Although it is designed for appendix carry this holster can also be used around your hip or small of your back. It has 5-hole options to adjust the angle. This could be used with just one belt loop if desired.  This holster is neatly trimmed around the gun. We understand when caring IWB less is more. This holster is also designed to be tuckable for formal occasions. All our holster has a lifetime guarantee.

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 6 × 1 × 8 in

9 reviews for IWB (concealed) Hercules

  1. Isaiah Harris

    I love this Holster!!! It is comfortable compared to lots of the other holsters out. Much more secure than those nylon iwb holsters I’ve had. I also love how sturdy it is and lightweight! Screws are easy to get to, to adjust how much tension you want for your draw out! Great job making these!


  2. Nate M.

    Before discovering this product I could not find a holster that fit my Glock 19 with light and red dot. I also had a lot of problems printing. I almost gave up with my every day carry unless I could wear a jacket.
    Neotric is super comfortable when I drive and living in California, it is even concealable in the sunny weather of short sleeve shirts and shorts.
    I knew right when my Glock fit perfectly in the holster, snug against my stomach and concealed under my t-shirt. Felt perfect when I jumped in my truck and drove an hour with no pinching.
    Now I can every day carry and I’m not going to be caught somewhere without my tools.
    My family is safer now that I found these guys.

  3. Elijah Hamilton

    This was the first IWB holster that I have ever had, as a new gun owner I wanted to ensure that I was getting something that was going to be comfortable as a bigger guy. Being that I am a big guy I have a belly that gets in the way of appendix carry (not for long though), so I have to carry at 4 o’clock if I am carrying in jeans or pants with no resistance. This holster is very versatile because I now carry a 17 round mag in my Glock 17 so I no longer need the side mag, but even the side mag portion is very comfortable, a lot of the times I don’t even notice its there. I had some hesitations with going with neoteric arms, it being a newer company, it didn’t have a whole lot of reputation in the holster world, so I took a risk and I am glad I did because I love this holster. Thinking about getting his new QLS system, Daniel is great, very good customer service, I pretty much use this holster everyday and never have any issues, very easy to use the retention screws, the clips are very strong, won’t fit on my under belt for my safe life defense belt but on any normal 1.5 belt it will be perfect. At this point I can’t see myself buying another IWB for a very long time, and if the OWB or QLS range systems are just as good, I might send my Safariland holster to goodwill.

  4. Derrick Cabrera

    I ordered this holster because I wasn’t satisfied with the name brand one I owed. I have had my new holster for almost a year and it still works great as the first day I bought it. It slick and easy to draw your weapon from. Oh and did I mention it’s comfortable..

  5. Adam chandler

    I ordered a beretta m9a1 holster in hopes of it fitting the new 92x centurion and the told me if it didnt fit id get my money back… well it fit just how i wanted it too! Thanks guys

  6. Chris Bradley

    I love this holster!!! I’ve tried a lot of different brands and types of holsters but this one is my favorite by a long shot. It’s very comfortable when driving and sitting down. I’m glad I can carry my Glock 23 now and feel comfortable. Thank you for the amazing holster, I’ll definitely be ordering one for my other handguns!

  7. Dave

    Not just for appendix carry. I’m a pretty big dude and my gut prohibits me from carrying my G26 appendix. After reading some reviews and combing through tons of pics of this rig being used i thought why not give it a try. I’m still figuring out just the right spot where I want it to sit but between 3-4o’clock is feeling really nice. Nice n snug even without a track belt, doesn’t get in the way or print when seated. Comfortable and incredibly light. Adjusted the forward cant angle pretty easy with the removable screws and locations. So far I couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase, thanks Neoteric Arms

  8. Peter La Forge

    I have ordered 4 of these Hercules AIWB holsters, one for beretta m9, one for an m9a1, a px4 with an optic and a Glock 19 with an Olight mini (for my sister). Each one has been well made, comfortable, secure and consistent when drawing which is the key to efficient movement and thus speed. I’ve gone on 5 mile slick hikes, 5 hour mall trips and 5 hour drives wearing both the full metal guns and the px4. They are simply excellent holsters. Also, at this price point they are delivering the same quality and superior design than makers at the 80$-150$ mark. I own two JMcustom holsters for the same guns and prefer Neoterics geometry and hardware. I just ordered a neorange holster too for my px4 and will probably do the same for my 92. My sister loves her Glock rig too, as a 5’2 athletic female, she can still comfortably carry, conceal and efficiently draw a Glock 19 with a weapon light….and prefers it to the tier1 aegis I had for a similar load out. Pick one or two of these up. You won’t be disappointed, also the company itself has been more responsive to my inquiries and requests than any other in the industry so buy with confidence.

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